Road Rider 12N6.5-BS Motorcycle Battery

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Road Rider 12N6.5-BS

- For Motorcycle

- Maintenance Free

- PbCaSn alloy for plate grid

- Maintenance-free (no water topping-up required)

- PbCaSn alloy for plate grids.

- Non-Spillable battery.

- Low self-discharge rate, lower than 3% capacity loss per month due to high-quality raw material

- Absorbent Glass Mat technology for efficient gas recombination extends cycle life and prevents micro short circuits.

- Flame-retardant ABS material increases the strength of the battery container

Performance Specifications: 

- Nominal voltage 12 Volt

 - Nominal Capacity 20 Hour, 6.5 AH

 - Weight 2.01 ± 0.05 kg

 - Maximum Charging Current 0.65 A

 - Float Charging Voltage 14.3~14.8 VDC

 Product Dimension:

- Length- 139 mm

- Width- 67 mm

- Height- 103.5 mm

- Terminal Lead Alloy


- for Motorcycle only (শুধু মাত্র মোটর সাইকেল এর জন্য)

- comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Buy with confidence. This product is under EArifin money-back guarantee. Get the product you ordered or get your money back.

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